What is Community Supervision and How Does It Work?

Community supervision, which is often referred to as probation, is a commonly-used alternative to jail sentences when individuals have committed criminal offenses. There may be a number of reasons that a judge decides or the state agrees sentence an individual to a term of community supervision as opposed to a jail sentence. For instance, the jail may be overcrowded, or a jail sentence may seem disproportionately harsh for a certain offense. While practices differ from one Texas county to the next, community supervision typically requires that you meet with a probation officer about once a month. For more serious offenses, you may be required to undergo in-home visits by a probation officer. Other conditions of probation may vary, but they usually require you to comply with all state and federal laws, maintain a job, pay all court-ordered fines, fees, and child support, complete community service hours, and remain drug and/or alcohol free. You could be subject to random drug…

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