What is a patent?

The answer to this question is not that simple. I think the best way of thinking about a patent is to think of it as a document or Deed, if you will, that reflects an agreement between you, the inventor, and the state.The state’s side of the agreement is to grant you an exclusive right, or monopoly, to the invention for a certain amount of time. Your side of the agreement is to provide enough information to the public so that, once the agreement expires, the public can use that information to put the invention into practice.The agreement is memorialised in a patent specification that your patent attorney will prepare for you. So, the specification has two functions. It must define the invention so that the reader will understand the scope of your protection. And it must provide a description of one or more examples of your invention so that the reader can practice the invention.Patents legislation around the world is based on this basic principle. For example, it is…

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