What If You Can’t Serve Your Divorce Papers?

After you file your divorce complaint in court, you’ll need to serve the divorce papers on your spouse. This is a necessary step in every North Carolina divorce case. If your spouse has served, they have 30 days to file an answer with the court. If they do nothing, you can move forward with your divorce case. However, sometimes difficulties arise with service of process. Two situations can complicate the process of serving your spouse: You can’t locate your spouse. Your spouse refuses to accept service of the divorce papers. Methods of Service Your spouse can make the divorce process more difficult and delay things a for a while, but they can’t stop the divorce from happening. If they truly won’t accept service, they are just delaying the inevitable because you can still move forward with your divorce. First, you should attempt to serve the divorce papers on your spouse by certified mail. If they accept the papers and sign for them, you’ll receive…

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