What if You Can’t Afford to Not Work – Can You Still Obtain Total and Permanent Disability Discharge of Student Loans?

Discharge by disability is something that I don’t see enough borrowers take advantage of to eliminate student loan debt.  Today, there was a story in the Wall Street Journal, “Over 60, and Crushed by Student Loan Debt” focusing on the large increase of borrowers over age 60 who have student loan debt and are facing garnishment by social security. For many who are faced with this dilemma, there can be easy solutions.  First, there are up to eight different income driven plans which for someone on social security, may result in a zero payment to close to it.  The key is making sure you pick the correct plan, and ignore a servicer who tells you that your loans are ineligible for IDR.  There is always a way.  Remember the servicer represents the creditor and not you.  You are not their customer.  Their legal position in pending lawsuits is they don’t have to explain all of your options.  Reach out to a qualified…

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