What If My Ventura County Personal Injury Case Has to Go to Trial?

A personal injury accident case can be resolved by an out of court settlement between the parties or by letting a jury decide whether or not the defendant was negligent and awarding damages to the victim. If you have been the victim in a Ventura County personal injury accident case, you may be concerned about whether your case will need to go to trial. Most people have some fear of the legal system and the idea of having to be involved in a trial, much less testifying at one, can be rather intimidating. Every personal injury accident case presents a different set of facts and circumstances so there is no formula that determines at the outset of a case whether it will be settled out of court or will end up in a trial. The Ventura personal injury law firm of Ledger & Associates, however can assure you that approximately 95% of all cases handled by the firm are settled by a favorable out of court settlement eliminating the need for a trial. If, however, you are one of the 5% of cases that requires a trial in order to win the compensation that you are entitled to then rest assured you will have an experienced team behind you led by a nationally recognized attorney. The lawyers at Ledger & Associates has been fighting for Ventura County personal injury victims for over a decade. While the vast majority of cases are settled out of court, the team has plenty of experience handling cases that proceed to trial as well. Again, each case is unique, but a basic understanding of the trial process may help ease any fears you have about your case going to trial. All the work that The Law Offices of Ledger & Associates does on your case will be preparation for a trial. While the team will attempt to negotiate a favorable out of court settlement, if that is not possible then rest assured they are prepared to present your case to a jury. The attorneys at Ledger & Associates will spend a considerable amount of time with you helping you understand what the trial will be like and preparing you for your testimony. By the time you enter the courtroom, you will be comfortable and confident. On the day of trial, both sides will get a chance to have some input on the members selected for the jury. You, of course, will have input at this stage as well, however remember that your attorney knows what he is looking for in a juror. Once the trial begins, both sides will have the opportunity to present testimony and evidence. Once both sides have presented their case, the judge will provide the jury with their instructions and the jury will leave to deliberate the case. If your case appears to be headed for trial, don't be afraid to ask questions or share your concerns with the lawyers at Ledger & Associates. Remember that you are the client and part of your attorney's job is to help explain the legal process and alleviate your fears. If you would like a free and detailed evaluation of your potential Ventura personal injury case, please contact the lawyers at the Ventura County law offices of Ledger & Associates at 805-322-3436 or 800-300-0001. The law firm handles injuries ranging from whiplash to wrongful death. The Ventura County office is located at 701 E. Santa Clara Street, Ventura, CA 93001 Continue reading "What If My Ventura County Personal Injury Case Has to Go to Trial? "

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