What happens next for pending FTAs and our trade agenda after the election?

Andrew HudsonI write this article on 12 April 2019, shortly after the announcement of the Federal Budget and the announcement of the date for the Federal election. As expected, this period encompassed the usual claim and counter – claim between the major political parties and the usual cynicism that even after the election, the political landscape may not change significantly. Given recent political history there is also a level of interest (and concern) as to what our preferential voting procedure will deliver from the smaller political parties or independents. This is especially the case with our Senate where the inability of a major party to secure a majority means that the game of persuasion and compromise will continue to secure passage of legislation.  That usually delivers some unlikely alliances. This article is likely to be published shortly before the next election takes place and in those circumstances I thought it may be useful to consider a few of the…

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