What Happened to Paul Manafort’s Redactions?

Attorney Kevin Downing and his client, Paul Manafort – Flickr Photo Credit: Victoria Pickering Lawyers working for former Trump Campaign manager and convicted felon, Paul Manafort filed a document yesterday that contains the clearest public evidence to date of coordination between the Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russians. The lawyers did not intend to release this evidence. The admissions are located deep in a court filing prepared in response to Special Counsel ripping up the plea agreement. The admissions contain facts that the OSC alleges Manafort continued to make false statements after signing the plea deal. So what happened? It is now well-established that Paul Manafort is not good with technology. But it’s Manafort’s lawyers who made a mistake here. They submitted a PDF that had black boxes drawn over the text to be redacted but without deleting the actual text underneath it. We cannot know why this happened. We do…

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