What Do We Owe Each Other? Mediation Is A Self-Selecting Process.

Couples that select mediation are often looking for 3 things: 1) fairness, 2) to make their own decisions, and 3) a more economical way to reach resolution of their marital and family situation.  Fairness:  Even in a high-conflict situation, most couples are seeking fairness.  While it may be difficult to set aside historically challenging personal dynamics, it is possible in most cases because ultimately parties want to move on with their lives.  Determining whether an agreement is fair can be based upon objective or subjective standards.  Objective standards may use certain reference points such as established formulas for maintenance and child support.  Subjective criteria may be based upon the unique circumstances of the family such as the cash flow needs of each household when two homes are established or meeting the needs of a parent to re-enter the workforce.  In mediation, we often use objective standards to inform the decision-making…

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