What Are the Common Types of Cruise Ship Injuries?

If you are in search of an answer to the question: what are the common types of cruise ship injuries, the discussion below will certainly help. First let us know the most common causes of getting injured in a cruise ship. The most frequently occurring accidents on a cruise ship is slip and fall cases. On most occasions the party responsible for such accidents is the cruise ship maintenance department. Passengers often fall when a carpet is left frayed on the floor, or when the passage of the ship has a piece of debris on it. There are instances when a simple item like a small piece of ice left carelessly on the stair can lead to serious injury, especially when the person slipping is an elderly or a child. The other common cause of injuries while traveling on a cruise ship is things falling from the upper decks. Crew members are often found to be responsible of causing such falls from the upper balconies. The items that cause most serious consequences are: bottles or any objects made form glass and large baggage. Often, fire also causes injuries to the passengers on a cruise ship. Fire on cruise ships can be extremely dangerous and can cause death of many passengers. The fire can start for several reasons; in majority of the cases, fire is caused due to faulty equipments. The other factors leading to fire in cruise ships include: debris and solvents that get ignited due to negligence. When there is a fire on a cruise ship, the passengers are at risk of getting trampled, as at times the crew fails to manage the evacuation through the exits. Collision with other marine transports or another ship can lead to serious injuries to the passengers. Such collisions occur mostly due to the carelessness of the captain. What are the common types of cruise ship injuries caused by these accidents? ¿ Breaking of bones ¿ Drowning ¿ Head injury causing internal hemorrhage of the brain ¿ Cuts, bruises and severe burns Other than these, the accidents can even cause death of passengers involved in the accidents. If you are in the resort city of Rancho Mirage in California and got injured from a cruise ship accident, you should right away consult a Rancho Mirage cruise ship lawyer. Filing claims for cruise ship injuries is quite a complex procedure. An experienced and skilled Rancho Mirage cruise ship lawyer will know how to help you in getting the compensation staying within the parameters of the Federal laws, local laws and the special requirements stated by the cruise line. We hope you have enjoyed this free personal injury attorney article by Ehline Law Firm. 201 Wilshire Blvd., Second Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Continue reading "What Are the Common Types of Cruise Ship Injuries?"

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