What Actually Happens in a Rulemaking?

Wendy Wagner, Katherine Barnes & Lisa Peters, Rulemaking in the Shade: An Empirical Study of EPA's Air Toxic Emission Standards, 63 Admin. L. Rev. 99 (2011), available at SSRN. Richard Pierce Wendy Wagner, Katherine Barnes, and Lisa Peters provide a wealth of data and insights with respect to the rulemaking process in this well-researched and well-written article. They engaged in intensive empirical analysis of the ninety rulemakings in which EPA issued air toxic emission standards. For each of the rulemakings they studied three stages of the decision making process-pre-NPRM, notice and comment period, and period after issuance of a final rule. I cannot do justice to the author's excellent discussion of their methodology and the implications of their findings. I will instead simply recite some of their most important findings in the hope that my summary of some of their findings will induce everyone to read this important article with care. Continue reading "What Actually Happens in a Rulemaking?"

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