“We’re gonna need a bigger Org chart”

Andrew HudsonSome readers will recall the final scenes of the original Jaws movie when the captain of the shark hunting vessel (Robert Shaw) finally sees the size of the monster shark and loudly announces “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” (and is then eaten by the shark). Much of Government and its agencies are explained by reference to an Organisational (Org) chart which has been a vital tool in explaining the machinery of Government and its agencies. This has been especially beneficial to those in the customs and trade industry which in recent time has seen a rapid evolution from the Australian Customs Service to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (with additional Australian Border Force (ABF)) through to the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) (including the ABF). Indeed, the new DoHA and its elements were announced and described in some detail at last year’s Industry Summit convened by the Federal Government leading…

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