Weinberger on Subsidiarity & Sphere Sovreignty

Lael Daniel Weinberger (University of Chicago, Division of Social Sciences, Department of History) has posted The Relationship between Sphere Sovereignty and Subsidiarity (Global Perspectives on Subsidiarity, edited by Michelle Evans and Augusto Zimmermann) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Sphere sovereignty is a social theory based on theological principles. Its starting point is the absolute sovereignty of God. From this principle, sphere sovereignty denies that any single human institution can claim absolute sovereignty. As a result, sphere sovereignty principles support an institutionally pluralistic society, where all kinds of power and authority are divided among various “spheres.” First propounded by Reformed theologians in the Netherlands, sphere sovereignty initially focused on the limitation of state power so as to preserve the independence of various social “spheres,” especially the church, from the state. While sphere…

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