Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-08-07

gtld applications will be published after closure of application window. #abaclc # application window for gtlds: 3 mos starting Jan/12. not first come, first served. #abaclc # to set up a gtld, will basically need to operate a registry – most will contract out, but existing service providers may have ltd capacity # new gtlds: "if your clients haven't thought about them, they should do so. now." #abaclc # now starting presentation on new gtlds #abaclc # interesting. assertion that a right to internet access should be a basic human right – extension of right of expression? #abaclc # 2 domains gaining prominence in internet governance – human rights and information security. #abaclc # shift in internet governance away from technical issues and icann. #abaclc # session on internet governance starting #abaclc # in the cyber world, concept of risk elimination (which was the standard applies to national security risks) doesn't work. #abaclc # when security implemented by govt that costs hundreds of millions is easily hacked, what is the standard that companies should try 2 meet? # limited market for cybersecurity insurance policies . #abaclc # MT @FlemingMF: #ABACLC Could be hard to plead a derivative action for bad cybersecurity practice/policy. Biz judgment rule likely stands. # "liability as a stick won't work" – hard to scare boards to address. #abaclc # "almost impossible to plead facts that demonstrate board negligence related to cybersecurity breach." hmmm. #abaclc # MT @FlemingMF: #ABACLC Critical infrastructure cos (many R) may soon face an outside auditor-like rqmt, CEO certification, etc. SarbOx-like. # possible implementation of sox type regime to address critical infrastructure security breaches #abaclc # another trend – critical infrastructure protection #abaclc # RT @FlemingMF: #ABACLC We are about to see a wave of disclosure if recent SEC letters mean much. # apparently sec has expressed opinion that disclosure requirements for security risks already addressed by existing standards #abaclc # discussion on legal trends related to data breach #abaclc # attending aba cyberspace law session. interesting session on hacking & data breach #abaclc # toronto man swatted by hacker. secure your #voip http://tcblg.ca/o5CNyf # android found to be least open mobile dev platform. quite surprising. http://tcblg.ca/por1q9 # related: Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-07-24 Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-07-31 Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-07-10 data/privacy breaches – costs are increasing – time for investment? Rapleaf

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