Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-07-31

hacker sends swat team to a family's home in bc by hacking their voip. first time in canada. lock down your voip! http://tcblg.ca/pLL4UF # surprised that Android now has just under 40% of the mobile os space. ios 30%, rim 20%. impressive growth. http://tcblg.ca/rivVix # facebook face recognition won't be available in canada. that's too bad. not clear why – privacy issues? http://tcblg.ca/nmwOHo # happy 30th, MS-DOS. a nice little bit of tech biz history that i still find fascinating. http://tcblg.ca/qV8NC5. hat tip @fmichlick # does cloud computing = export for export control purposes? does the gov't care? interesting questions. http://tcblg.ca/qjlkDt thx henry # The Oatmeal's State of the Web (Summer 2011). My favourite: $MSFT buys Skype and Facebook integrates it. http://tcblg.ca/pTk5Oh # How standards proliferate. Funny 'cause it's true. http://xkcd.com/927/. # related: Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-07-24 Weekly Auto Recap of Tweets for 2011-07-10 going to china? bringing technology? careful there… canadian export controls now apply to quantum cryptography who owns your tweets? (@novaspivack)

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