Was a Child Sexually Assaulted Aboard the Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship?

Professor Ross Klein's website Cruise Junkie includes information indicating that a minor passenger was allegedly raped last week aboard the Caribbean Princess cruise ship by "older men" who intoxicated her. When the cruise ship arrived at the next port, the cruise ship took her off on a stretcher. Professor Klein's website indicates that this "account has not been independently confirmed." Yesterday we asked Princess Cruises to verify or deny that this incident occurred. We also asked when this incident occurred, where the passenger was disembarked, whether the alleged assailants were passenger or crew, and whether there were any arrests. We also asked for the contact information for the police authority which (hopefully) is investigating the incident. We have not heard back from Princess Cruises. Currently there is no legal requirement to report such crimes. But pursuant to the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act which goes into effect next year, cruise lines will be required to report all sexual assaults against passengers which occur on cruise ships. Cruise lines will also be required to post information on line indicating that such sexual crimes have incurred on their cruise ships. Did this incident occur? Who knows. I hope not. But the uncertainty about what happened is a symptom of the current problem where cruise lines can keep such information secret. We have reported on other sex crimes on Princess Cruises ships: Unsafe on the "Love Boat?" – Sexual Assaults on Princess Cruise Ships Princess Cruises Captain Pleads Guilty to Sex Crime Against Girl on Princess Cruise Ship We have also written about sexual assaults on cruise ships against minors: Sexual Assault of Children on Cruise Ships – A Problem the Cruise Community Wants to Forget Why Cruises are NOT the Best Vacations with Kids Should Travel Agents Be Liable For Falsely Representing That Cruises Are Safe For Kids? Passenger Indicted for Sexual Abuse of 13 Year Old Girl on Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Top Ten Reasons Not To Cruise: No. 1 – Cruise Lines Are A Perfect Place To Sexually Abuse Children Do you have information about this alleged incident? Please contact jim@cruiselaw.com or leave a comment below. Photo credit: raflucgr.ra.funpic.de

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