Want a divorce? Put on some weight!!!

Apparently men go off women who add girth… even if it is only half a stone as reported in the Daily Mail Is that surprising? Look at how many beautiful women are married to less beautiful men. No doubt there will be a follow up report saying that women go off men who lose their money. Would that surprise you? Some people marry for love Some people marry for companionship Some people marry for money Some people marry for looks Some people marry for their parents Some people marry for their children Some people marry for… add in your own story Why does the world pretend that everyone marries for love and then act surprised when someone bales out because the bargain they struck has been broken? Whatever the reasons people marry, when they divorce it is painful and society needs to offer more support and guidance as opposed to judgement and condemnation. Remember in every divorce there is usually one party who is forced down that road, who would like to remain married but who is rejected and hurt and then condemned as selfish and a quitter by the rest of society. Marriages should have regular MOT's like cars then perhaps more could be saved!! Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

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