Wal-mart's Coupon Acceptance Policy – The Fine Print

At the beginning of March, Wal-mart modified its coupon acceptance policy to be more liberal in certain respects and more restrictive in others. On the good side, Wal-mart will actually give you back money if the coupon you present is for more than the cost of the item (e.g. you present a $1 coupon for an item that is only 75 cents.) *MOUSE PRINT: Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase. They will also accept "Catalina" coupons, the coupons that are spit out at supermarkets based on what you buy. On the downside, Wal-mart will not accept home-printed coupons for free items, and has restricted acceptance of competitors' coupon to those for specific items at a specific price: *MOUSE PRINT: Walmart does not accept the following coupons: •Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase •Competitors' coupons for dollars/cents or percentage off, buy one get one free, and double- or triple-value coupons Conspicuously missing from the list of acceptable coupons are pharmacy coupons – typically competitors' coupons – for dollars off a new or transferred prescription. If you have one, it doesn't hurt to ask if they will accept it.

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