Virginia Special Needs Planning Lawyer: Who Needs to Know about My Child’s Special Needs Plan?

by Virginia Special Needs Planning Lawyer Sheri Abrams Creating a special needs plan is an important step that parents of children with disabilities can take to make sure that their child is prepared for life without mom or dad, and that assets are safely and securely set aside for future care needs. In most cases, the creation of a special needs plan includes naming a legal guardian for the child if he or she is a minor, petitioning the courts for a legal Guardianship if the child is over age 18, and establishing a Special Needs Trust.  Let’s briefly highlight what each of these means:   Naming a legal guardian for minor children: Parents who have minor children with special needs can use their estate plan to name a guardian whom they trust to raise their child if they became incapacitated or passed away. Legal Guardianship for Adults with Special Needs: Adults with disabilities who are over 18 will likely need a court-ordered Guardianship so that someone else…

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