Violence Against Men: In Prison and Out

Kim Shayo Buchanan, Our Prisons, Ourselves: Race, Gender, and the Rule of Law, 29 Yale L. & Pol'y Rev. 1 (2010). Angela Harris In her hilarious book Bossypants (which is another thing I like lots but alas, falls outside my mandate), Tina Fey reveals some insider knowledge about the male-dominated world of Saturday Night Live: "Male comedy writers piss in cups. Also, they like to pretend to rape each other. It's . . . Don't worry about it. It's harmless, actually." I had that anecdote in mind as I began preparing to write this review of Kim Buchanan's article. Then, in a moment of synchronicity, two days before I actually sat down at my computer to write, I ran across this joke in a free humor magazine, the kind printed on newsprint and assembled to support advertisements for local businesses in small rural towns. I apologize in advance for its offensiveness, but it completely makes my – and Buchanan's – point. Continue reading "Violence Against Men: In Prison and Out"

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