Vice-President of Tampa Physical Therapy Company Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy To Commit Health Care Fraud

Medicare fraud criminal cases involving physical therapy are not that common but a recent case out of Florida went criminal based on allegations that involved pure fraud in billing for services not provided. On May 27, 2011, Andres Cespedes, an owner and vice-president of a physical therapy company, Dynamic Therapy Inc. pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud for his role in a scheme to defraud Medicare before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark A. Pizzo in Tampa, Florida. According to court documents, Mr. Cespedes was the vice president of Dynamic Therapy Inc. Mr. Cespedes and his co-conspirators purchased Dynamic from its prior owners and transformed it into essentially fraudulent enterprise. Dynamic purported to provide physical therapy services to Medicare beneficiaries, but in reality obtained patient information through kickbacks and bribes and billed Medicare for physical therapy that never occurred. According to court documents, from fall 2009 to summer 2010, Mr. Cespedes submitted and caused the submission of $757,654 in fraudulent claims to the Medicare program by Dynamic. Mr. Cespedes admitted that he and his co-conspirators paid and caused the payment of kickbacks and bribes to Medicare beneficiaries in order to obtain their Medicare billing information, and used it to submit claims to Medicare for physical therapy services that were never provided. According to court documents, the owners and operators of Dynamic also stole the identities of a physical therapist and Medicare beneficiaries in order to submit additional false claims to Medicare. Mr. Cespedes admitted that he knew the Medicare beneficiaries, on whose behalf claims were submitted to Medicare by Dynamic, never received the services billed to Medicare. At sentencing, Cespedes faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. A sentencing date has not been set. Attorney Commentary – Providers: Watch Out For Identity Theft: For health care providers including physical therapists, the biggest concern raised by this case is how the identity of the physical therapist was stolen. We have seen the identities of physicians and other health care providers stolen before in a very simple manner. Companies or individuals who want to steal identities sometimes place advertisements for jobs in a newspaper or website and then the applicants will send ALL the information attached to their CV including UPIN number, social security number, license number and other identifying information. That information is then submitted on a Medicare or Medicaid application to obtain a provider number for a new location. Therefore, be careful when applying for jobs and sending your information to blind addresses. Posted by Tracy Green, Esq. Please email Ms. Green at or call her at 213-233-2260 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Ms. Green's office at Green and Associates is located at 801 South Figueroa Street #1200, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Any questions or comments should be directed to Tracy Green, a very experienced California health care atorney who has represented physical therapists and a variety of other health care providers at The firm focuses its practice on the representation of licensed professionals, individuals and businesses in civil, business, administrative and criminal proceedings. They have a specialty in representing licensed health care providers in health care legal matters in California and throughout the country. Their website is:

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