Use Your Law Firm Website to Motivate People to Hire you

Fear as motivation If I lose my resolve to go running on a particular day, I look down at my growing mid-section, and I get motivated to put on my running clothes. In that case, fear of becoming overweight is my motivation to run. On another day my motivation might come from the promise that something good will happen, like being able to fit into my favorite pair of shorts. We all need motivators to make things happen and we are all motivated by the fear that something bad will happen or the promise that something good will happen. As a result you can use your law firm website copy to motivate people to retain you. People come to your website because they know that they need help. They want to hire a lawyer, but they need the motivation from you to make the right decision. How do you motivate people? Explain through your website or blog what can happen to them if they don't hire you. For instance, tell the true story of what happened to Mr. Jones because he didn't hire a divorce attorney. OR in a FAQ section answer questions such as "What could happen if I don't hire an attorney to help me incorporate my business?" If you'd rather motivate with a promise, write down all the good things that could happen to them if they do hire you. For example, "If you claim bankruptcy, then you won't have debt collectors calling you all the time." Once you put the motivators on your law firm website, be sure to tell people how to act. Ask them to call you or email you. In other words, make it easier for them to do what they want to do, but aren't doing. What motivates you to act? Fear or promise? Photo credit: stuant63

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