USDA and FDA Most Wanted List! Top Food Offenders for Foreign Material Contamination

It seems like every time you turn around there is another recall.  Lately more and more “foreign material” or “foreign body” contamination recalls are coming out.  They were always there.  It just seems like they are more prevalent than in years past. That got me thinking.  Are there any foods that are a higher risk than others?  As a consumer, is there a specific type of food I should avoid or be more vigilant in inspecting prior to eating?  Here are the top food offenders for foreign material contamination But first, let’s explore what exactly is meant by “foreign material contamination.” Foreign Material Contamination Defined A foreign material is essentially a non-food item or in some cases an unintended food item in food that poses a health risk if consumed.  This can take the form of many different materials. Inadvertent items from the field such as stones, metal, insects, dirt, small animals, or…

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