Unjust Dismissal – A Powerful Remedy for Dismissed Employees in the Federal Sector

For most dismissed employees in Canada, a wrongful dismissal lawsuit is the best way to get a proper severance package if negotiations fail.  Fortunately, most employers are willing to provide or negotiate reasonable arrangements, so litigation is not always a required step.  But for employees who are dismissed from Federally regulated employers in Canada, there is a remedy available that can be quicker, less costly and can provide for a better settlement.  The Unjust Dismissal provisions of the Canada Labour Code provide federally regulated employees with union-like protections against job loss.  Non-unionized employees who work for banks, cable and telephone companies, radio and television stations, and other federally regulated enterprises can file an unjust dismissal complaint within 90 days of being let go.  This only applies for employees who have worked for the employer for at least one year and who are not “managerial…

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