Understanding The Fight For Father's Rights

It used to be almost unheard of when a father gained full custody of his children in a divorce settlement. Father's rights, almost two decades ago, was an uphill battle for anyone that wanted custody of their kid, increased visitation with their children, and lower child support payments. However, over time, studies have shown that children NEED both their parents in their life. The increase in teen pregnancies, drug abuse, school dropouts and juvenile crime has been tracked back to youth without their fathers as a role model. Fatherlessness has become increasingly important when it comes to the behavior and future of children, and society is finally accepting that fathers have just as many rights to raising their children as their mothers do. Understanding that your children are the true victims of divorce will help you understand what is most important in your divorce settlement. The children, who never wanted the divorce in the first place, end up being used as a pawn by their mother to take advantage of the father. To some mothers, their children suddenly become just a security blanket for child support payments and alimony. Instead of attending to their children's concerns and fears, they use their energy arguing against their father in court for money and assets. Father's rights have come a long way, and there is hope for the future. The more society understands the importance of a father in the lives of a child, the more fathers will be able to truly be there for their kids in the future. For a wealth of free information on Father's Rights winning information, check out Dennis Gac's website at fathershelphotline.com. Gac is often referred to as the world's number one father's rights consultant, and has helped thousands of fathers get their children through the court systems, despite everything society has against them. Join Dennis Gac and the National Brotherhood of Father's Rights!

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