U.S. Now Approving Far Fewer Muslim Immigrants, Refugees, and Visitors

National Public Radio is reporting that no matter the outcome of the case involving the so-called Muslim travel ban before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Trump administration has been largely successful in implementing its own version of a Muslim ban. Since Trump took office last year, statistics show that Muslim immigration to the U.S. has dropped precipitously. Thousands of immigrants have borne the brunt of rapidly changing federal immigration policies, as their families have been forced to remain scattered across the world. Moreover, these immigration policies have disproportionately affected Muslim immigrants. For instance, as compared to 2016, monthly arrivals of Muslim refugees are down 91 percent this year thus far. Meanwhile, immigration from countries whose populations are predominantly Muslim is down 26 percent, and temporary visas granted to visitors from those same countries is down 30 percent. In 2016, one in two refugees were Muslim; at the current time, only one…

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