U.S. and Greek Special Forces Train for Cruise Ship Hijacking Scenarios

A December 6, 2018 article in TheNewsRep.com website outlines information related to cruise ship hijacking scenarios and how United Stated special forces might respond to those incidents. Titled “ISIS terrorists have just hijacked a cruise ship’: Greek and US SOF train for contingencies” – the article states a basic premise: Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have stormed a cruise ship full of unaware tourists somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean. The U.S. Special Operations Command Europe has been alerted and swiftly deploys its SOF units to Greece. There, the American commandos link up with their Greek counterparts and prepare to storm the vessel. SOCEUR stands for U.S. Special Operations Command Europe. In their annual readiness exercise, Jackal Stone 18, U.S. and Greek special forces units will conduct exercises related to cruise ship hijacking and other scenarios that would involved combined efforts and interaction of the two military arms. Per the…

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