Two Weeks Without My Smartphone

My family spent two weeks this summer in Italy without mobile phones. That's right, people – a whole 14 days not answering text messages, phone calls or looking at our calendars. No Twitter or Facebook either. That almost killed me. When we were out, there were many times when my instinct was to reach for the phone I did not have. Cool picture? Had to use the old-fashioned digital camera. Thoughts on what I saw? That would have to wait until I could take notes at the end of the day. Pinpoint our exact location in Rome? Um, yeah: Use the map from the hotel and read the street signs. Find out more about the sites we visited? Rely on the tour guide or find a description written in English. Driving between Rome and the Almalfi Coast? Well, we did have a map – of which I was the keeper – but let's just say that I will never be a co-pilot. How do in-house counsel, travelling the often-windy road of in-house practice, keep up with the technology and intellectual property issues that affect them? Do you turn to websites, eGroups, or the printed or digital ACC Docket? We hope that you count among your "go to" resources ACC's annual Technology and IP issue. September's ACC Docket offers eight feature articles on the topic, from "Back to the Drawing Board: Contract, Copyright and Trademark Law," to "Implementing an Effective and Defensible Legal Hold Workflow." There are also features for the less techy among you. For example, "Due Diligence and Your M&A Success Story," "IP in Joint Ventures with Universities or Nonprofits," "Importer Loopholes: Avoiding the Customs Audit," "Document Productivity and the Second Wave of Legal Cost Containment," "Overcriminalization: When In-house Counsel Is the Defendant, " or "Recent Criminal Actions Involving Wastewater Treatment Facilities" might find their way on to your reading list. Whether you want your information delivered in a print, digital or mobile format, the ACC Docket is an easily accessible resource. Just don't take us on vacation.

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