Trusting your gut: Knowing when the ‘must-have’ path isn’t the right one

If your first year of law school was anything like mine, it went by in a flash. The memories of stress, new friends, and far too many rules to memorize have faded to feelings of accomplishment and still, despite it being over, a little fear. Then comes your first summer clerkship, and it’s something like the first few weeks of law school all over again. You want to succeed. You want people to like you. To an extent, you feel like your life depends upon it. In an attempt to ease these anxieties, I spent my 1L doing everything our dean of students, career services counselors and anyone employed by the law school said. So when I received an offer for a summer clerkship the career advisers called a “must have,” I thought there was no way I could be off track. My law school was one of the top rated in Texas, and they praised the role as providing mentorship and a first hand look at all things civil litigation in a big city. Career Services liked the employer, and…

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