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As a bus and truck accident lawyer in California, I get a lot of calls about passenger bus collisions, big rig accidents, including wage and hour disputes by drivers who were taken advantage of and treated as independent contractors, when they were really "employees." I have compiled this list of resources to try and help truckers, as well a those injured by trucking and bus companies. First, if you need a wage and hour dispute attorney, <<<< I have a great blog discussing that topic. This will come in handy if you were forced to work off the clock, etc. Next, is a list of personal injury attorney resources relating to trucking and bus accidents. Bus Crash Statistics There was a major study conducted that was completed in 2009 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The findings of this study was presented to Congress on bus crash causation . . . Bus Driver Negligence and Error The bus driver crash is due to negligent behavior or avoidable errors as the cause of the accident. Tour Bus Accident Lawyers The injuries suffered from a Las Vegas casino tour bus accident range from death, serious friction burns, broken ankle, broken bones and even coma to name a few. Recovering for physical pain and suffering and economic loss, past and present, is almost impossible without experienced and local California tour bus accident attorneys. Church Bus Accident Lawyer But many times, the church will farm out the transportation to non church members, or delegate the responsibility of driving to a non qualified member of the church. Culver City Casino Tour Bus Lawyer Culver City To Laughlin Tour Bus Accidents are a possibility. Read more. Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyer Buses compared with other types of transportation on the roadways are usually safe and the statistics from the National Traffic Safety Administration in 2006 showed that bus accidents were responsible for one half of one percent of all fatal accidents. Metro Bus Accident Attorney In addition to personal automobiles and the metro rail system, many Los Angeles residents ride the Metro Local Bus to get from place to place. California School Bus Accident Attorney The school bus accident statistics raise many other alarming issues for children and families. Please also take a look at the most; Frequently asked questions of a Trucking Injury Lawyer to get more questions about attorneys answered. Learn about; California trucking accidents, or Los Angeles trucking injuries pages. This was a free public service message from Ehline Law Firm PC. 198 North Arrowhead Ave. San Bernardino CA 92408 United States (909) 693-5417. San Bernardino Bus Accident Attorneys The downside to this is with the growing number of people using bus service in San Bernardino the number of injuries and deaths are also rising. Continue reading "Truck & Bus Accident Law Resources"

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