Tracking the Rise of Shareholder Activism in Asia

Shareholder activism has steadily been on the rise in Asia in the past 7 years, but is it here to stay? According to a recent report published by J.P. Morgan in May 2018, the numbers seem to support this proposition. As outlined in the report, only 10 shareholder activist campaigns took place in Asia in 2011 — that number ballooned to 106 in 2017. Unlike the United States — which sees more than 450 shareholder campaigns per year — shareholders of Asian firms have historically been reluctant to engage in public activism. There are likely many reasons for this, including, according to Chelsea Naso, the prevalence of controlling or control block shareholders in the Asian corporate landscape, which makes activist campaigns more difficult. So why is shareholder activism now seemingly on the rise in Asia? It’s largely due to two factors: 1) an increase in Asian governmental reforms that are encouraging shareholders to take a more activist approach, and; 2) an…

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