Torts-Motor Vehicle Accident

The most common form of tort claim arises from automobile collisions. Those tort claims normally involve some careless or reckless act by one driver resulting in a collision with another motor vehicle. Whether the operation of a motor vehicle involves actual negligence depends upon how the driver's conduct is viewed in the light of the Rules of the Road as set forth either in your state code or local code governing traffic regulations. The rules of the road or traffic regulations establish the standards for operation of motor vehicles. A violation of these rules or regulations typically constitutes negligence. Motor vehicle accidents involving common carriers (buses, taxis, trains, and planes) may have a set of rules that are slightly different than what would apply to an automobile. Common carriers are frequently held to a very high degree of care. As such, if there is even slight negligence on their part that contributes to the injury of one of their passengers, then the common carrier may be liable.

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