Top Ten Best Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Blogposts

Here are ten from the top, from this week's best bankruptcy lawyer blogposts! The one I like best…aw, I like 'em all the best! If Oil Prices Drop, Shouldn't Gas Prices Go Down? Well, I Guess Not! Ryan Franklin, reporting for an ABC Affiliate, tells us that oil prices have dropped, which is certainly true, and that gasoline prices cont… Airline Bankruptcy Cases Flying Down the Runway? I've seen Airline Chapter 11 Cases, up close and personal. They tend to be very large, and they're fairly high-impact cases, because they'… Bankruptcy Arizona: Do Rising Gas Prices Threaten the Recovery? An article at asks the question, do rising gas prices threaten the recovery? It's a very nice article by reporters Sandra Haros … The Number One Bankruptcy Mistake that Debtors Make in Arizona Is this the real #1 mistake that people make about bankruptcy in AZ? Well, yeah, I think it probably is the single worst common bankruptcy… A Hundred and Thirty-Five Bankruptcy Videos for Your Entertainment! If you go to THELAW.TV , you get to watch a lot of bankruptcy videos. And they have this to recommend them: they're short! The Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions, Assembled by the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona Has anybody else tried to post a pdf on a blog, whether it's an Arizona Bankruptcy Blog, or anyplace else? For a simple back-country Arizo… Unemployment Dropping? Uh, No. And You Just Got A Cut in Pay. There's a nice analysis of the new employment figures at CNBC, written by Jeff Cox , a smart guy. Here's a cheat sheet: unemployment figur… What happens in a First Meeting of Creditors in a Consumer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the District of Arizona Bankruptcy Court? The first meeting of creditors may be the only hearing in a Consumer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case. Here's a video that explains it, and after… I Got Your New Job Right Here! 3,800 of 'Em, Actually. You a programmer? Used to program mainframes, or design programs for satellites, or for Apache Helicopter Attack Systems? Well, there's … The Greatest Entry Level Job EVER – and No Worry About Student Loans! You won't believe this. I know a lot of poor, starving lawyers who are going to go back to school to learn this job !

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