Top 10 issues from submissions before UK Supreme Court in Warner-Lambert v Actavis second medical use battle

The IPKat and team watching last week's SupremeCourt hearing…Like many across the IP world, the IPKat was glued to his computer screen last week watching the drama unfold in the UK Supreme Court between Warner-Lambert and Actavis/Mylan.  The IPKat's friends, Katie Cambrook, Rachel Mumby and Claire Phipps-Jones of Bristows LLP, attended in person and, with the support of a team of other keen watchers in place each day, have summarized their Top 10 issues coming out of the hearing.  The IPKat expects that the very vocal panel of judges in the form of Lord Mance, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Hodge and Lord Briggs will be grappling with these issues and much more in preparing their judgment. For those who missed the action, you can watch the recordings on the UK Supreme Court's website here.  Over to Katie, Rachel and Claire: "Last week, the UK Supreme Court held a 4-day hearing in Warner-Lambert v Actavis et al., the latest…

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