Title Services and Closings

Title services and closings are critical during the process of a purchasing real estate. Each real estate property has a track history of transactions of sales and purchases of that property. There are many times when a piece of property includes prior history or lack of history that negatively affects the value of the property. What is a title examination? A title search begins with an examination of all public records that relate to the property. The title examiner searches to find any records that “cloud” the title. This means that they search for records that negatively affect the value of the property. For example, a mortgage lender may have a lien on the property, the local government may have a lien for unpaid taxes on the property, or code enforcement violations may have resulted on a lien on the property. These are common examples of defects on the property’s title that reduce the value of the land. The role of Title Insurance Once a title examination…

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