Tips for Handling Valentine’s Day in the Midst of Divorce

Valentine’s Day can be particularly difficult for those going through a divorce. For many divorcing couples, Valentine’s Day may also be the day of their wedding. With the focus all around on romantic love while they are in the midst of divorce, they may feel they failed at love. But, it does not have to be that way. One divorced writer says she actually enjoys the holiday more now that she is divorced. She says “Gone are the expectations and disappointments that often accompanied it in the past.” She makes a strong case for giving up the idea that Valentine’s Day means romance. She has some good suggestions for making the day special without romantic love. Find someone who needs a loving gesture. If you know someone who is also alone, maybe even an elderly neighbor, your child’s school teacher, or another single friend. Take them flowers, candy, a card.Plan to spend time with another single friend. Go to a movie, a concert, or just…

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