Three ways to maximize the career potential in each of your law school summers

What are you planning on doing this and maybe the next few summers? If you plan it well, three years of law school can provide you with up to four summers’ worth of work experience in law/related fields. From traditional law firm summer associate roles, to courtroom clerkships, to governmental internships, to corporate in-house experiences, to non-profit apprenticeships to JD alternative opportunities, summer positions offer the best chance to “kick the tires” of various jobs to find out where you really belong. Open up all your options As a career consultant to lawyers exploring career transition, I have often heard my clients admit to having decided on a legal career before they knew what being a lawyer actually entailed. While such single-minded focus can be motivational, it can also cause you to miss out on peripheral opportunities that arise. Working in a variety of legal/legal alternative environments during the summers before and during law…

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