Thoughts on the Killing of Osama bin Laden

Update: The State Department just issued an increased terror threat alert for Americans worldwide. My thoughts on Obama's speech and killing Osama bin Laden: Justice is done when someone is apprehended and brought to trial, and convicted or acquitted. Murdering a suspect is not bringing him to justice. What changes Osama's death will bring: Heightened security measures, retributive attacks, and years more of the Government's war on terror and war in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I can understand that people are relieved Osama bin Laden is dead. I cannot understand cheering his murder. Murder is not a cause for jubilation. [More…] Politically, this will be a welcome boost for Obama. It's kind of interesting that he had time for the White House Correspondents' dinner last night, while considering whether to launch this operation today. He certainly didn't seem like someone with serious decisions to be made imminently. I would imagine the details of such an operation are pretty complex. It makes me wonder whether Obama even knew yesterday this was in the works for today, or whether it was planned by others and today he put his stamp of approval on it. [Update 5/2: CBS reports Obama gave the strike order on Friday.] I'm watching a really sick scene on TV right now of people gathering outside in Washington waving flags and cheering. Bottom line: This is a symbolic victory. One terrorist is dead. There are thousands more waiting to take his place. We've done little to address the reasons they hate America. We've been attack free since 9/11. That's probably going to come to an end. Update: Jim Davis, former FBI Afghanistan Commander (2004-2005), on my local news: Killing Osama is important for the national psyche but not all that important for impacting the way al Qaida does business. We had pretty much marginalized Osama's opportunity to do direct operations through our intelligence and military operations over there.

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