This Just In: Digital Minimalism

Sometimes it seems like we’re distracted by 50 million things and the day gets away from us before we get anything accomplished. If you’re feeling this way, you might want to give a recently published book by Cal Newport a go. Digital Minimalism: Choosing A Focused Life in a Noisy World asks you to give up all optional technologies in your life for a thirty-day period (think social media, mindless web-surfing, Netflix, WhatsApp strings, you name it). During that thirty-day period, you reconnect with what’s really important to you in the analog world (your face-to-face family and friends, meaningful leisure activities, alone time, you name it). Then after the end of the thirty-day period you very selectively reintroduce only those optional technologies that are truly valuable to you. From personal experience, I can say that this process is really very hard, but quite rewarding. You can find Digital Minimalism in the library’s Professional and Soft Skills…

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