This is What Happens When Divorced Couples Engage in Harassment

There’s no absolute on what happens when divorced couples engage in harassment. Some are content to just avoid contact all on their own. Of course, this is much simpler if there are no children involved. Meanwhile, many former husbands and wives seek judicial intervention. Going back to court after you’ve already been divorced may sound like a big hassle. Indeed, it can be. However, harassment may be considered a form of domestic violence. Under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, the victim may ask the court for protection. This comes in the form of a restraining order. A recent New Jersey Appellate Division decision could be an eye-opener for some who feel their former spouse is harassing them. The court doesn’t arbitrarily mandate restraining orders without proof on an act of domestic violence. Meanwhile, evidence must be presented that the victim continues to feel threatened or fearful. Restraining Order for Harassment The New Jersey Appellate…

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