There are Better Ways to Raise Revenue in Oregon Than a Gross Receipts Tax

This week, Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) provided economic projections to the Joint Committee on Student Success Subcommittee on Revenue to assess the impact of a proposed gross receipts tax on Oregon’s economy. The committee is interested in raising about $1 billion in annual revenue from a new source to improve the state’s public education system. This is the third time Oregon has considered a gross receipts tax in the past five years, after a legislative proposal failed in 2017 and a ballot initiative to enact a gross receipts tax was rejected by voters in 2016. LRO modeled a gross receipts tax similar to Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax, levied at 0.48 percent of a firm’s gross receipts above $1 million in Oregon, plus a $250 minimum tax on all firms. The petroleum sector is exempted from the proposal, as petroleum is governed under an industry-specific tax regime in Oregon. The proposal also calls for the use of some of the revenue…

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