The Trump Transition Team Emails—Everyone Has It Wrong

Political pundits disagree about whether Robert Mueller “illegally” obtained thousands of Trump transition-related emails from the U.S. General Services Administration (or the “GSA”).   Each pundit’s opinion predictably falls along political lines: Pro-Trump pundits argue that Mr. Mueller acted “illegally”, while anti-Trump pundits defend Mr. Mueller’s actions with equal but opposite vigor. Listen up: This issue has nothing to do with Mr. Mueller.  Nothing.  Nada.  And anyone who focuses on Mr. Mueller is missing the issue entirely—or, perhaps (and more likely) trying to make a political issue out of something that is inherently non-political. The real issue involves privacy and the GSA.  More specifically, the question is whether the Trump transition team had any reasonable right to privacy in its emails that were both administered by the GSA and stored on GSA-owned equipment.  (Spoiler…

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