The Revolt of the Working Class at Justice

Lost last week amid the fire and storm of bigger news– Virginia Tech, abortion, etc.– was the revelation of yet another layer of inappropriate partisanship at the Justice Department. If there were any lingering doubt before about the extent to which its current crop of leaders are trying to douse the Department with one particular ideology at the expense of others, and to undermine intellectual rigor and independence in doing so, it now ought to be erased completely by the story of how Republican cronies at Justice are skewing long-standing (and sensible) hiring practices to bring to the Department a new generation of crony wannabes. Even as they dilute the work of nonpartisan career professionals (and U.S. Attorneys) by politicizing the “grown-up” staff at Justice, officials there also apparently have turned their greedy eyes to the Departments student “Honors Program” and “Summer Law Internship Program.” The Attorney General and his

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