The Physiological Impact of Divorce — According to Science

Divorce leaves an indelible mark on your finances, your social life, and your mental health — but did you know that it can also affect your physical health? While the physical impact of divorce is largely attributed to increased stress, it can spell big trouble for your health on both a short and long-term basis — as evidenced by multiple studies. A few of the most alarming effects are outlined below: Increased Risk of Heart Attack Divorce can greatly harm your heart health, particularly if you’re already prone to cardiac issues — or if you’re female. A study conducted by Duke Universityreveals that men face a notably increased risk of heart attack after two or more divorces, whereas women are more likely to suffer a heart attack after just one divorce. Insomnia It’s no secret that sleepless nights accompany relationship problems, but an alarming University of Arizona studypublished in the journal Health Psychologysuggests that insomnia may…

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