The Opioid Crisis: What is the Government Doing About It? Part 2 – Improvements with Data Reporting, Collection and Analysis

This blog series is devoted to better understanding the efforts our Federal government is undertaking to combat the opioid epidemic in America. Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a five-part strategy that will be utilized to combat the opioid epidemic. In part one of this series, we examined the first prong of HHS’ plan, which is focused on increasing availability to addiction treatment and recovery services. In the second part of this five-part series, the discussion will shift to improvements in public health data and reporting as a mechanism to develop targeted solutions and measure the results of those efforts. In today’s health care environment, data is becoming increasingly important. Data is used to influence treatment decisions, monitor compliance with prescribed therapies, measure trends in prescribing patterns and dollars spent, shape communication strategies and more. In order for data to be effective however,…

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