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Man can and should be able to to live comfortably through their personal mental life. Drugs, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, let them be "in reserve" in case of sudden acute emergencies. ekolmil offer people the knowledge about how to safely and effectively manage your conscious and unconscious mental processes, except for injury to himself and others. Learn the basics ekolmil can almost anyone. It's not harder than learning to walk, talk, sing or controlled with a spoon and fork. Moreover, the ecology of thought and linguistics with special techniques you can teach even a child who can not yet speak. In addition, ekolmil is powerful tool for the organization, development and protection business. The essence of business – it is a mental creation. American millionaire Robert has repeatedly stressed in his writings that the most important work Entrepreneur makes the design phase of business – even before it really starts to exist. Every business exists as long as his "inspiration" is alive and well. ekolmil offers knowledge and technologies for ensure the health, safety and eco-development business and the people who participate in it. Would like to remind readers that the founder of the greatest empire the world, Alexander of Macedon ordered to bury him with open arms. He wanted people to see and understand that he is the richest man on earth, leaves this world with empty hands, he could not take anything from their untold riches. Everyone is born naked and die naked, no taking away from Earth. Therefore, before any thoughtful person sooner or later, difficult questions arise. What am I doing on earth? Why am I here? What are the values I have found here and more will attain? Each person to seek the answer yourself, and check its validity. We can only offer one version with the position ekolmil. Man lives to accumulate knowledge and experience. Leaving the Earth, it picks up with a single value – lesson, experience and knowledge that went into it at the level of skill, creativity and recorded at his level of skill. The next chapter of the book vy Laman 'And I had my way' is called 'About a man on earth'. It explains that human life on Earth is not random and not chaotic, but a strictly controlled process that is subject to stringent laws and regulations.

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