The Labor Law Trends in California

Despite the fact that the economic situation in California actually looks pretty good for the near future, the employers of that state are still finding themselves treading carefully along the legal lines of the complex labor laws which are in motion. When it comes to labor law in California, only one glance at the California labor law posters in comparison to Florida or New York labor law posters should be enough to indicate that the regulations which hare put in place by the state are actually much more complex and deep than those imposed on by the federal labor law posters; in other words, this means that employers in California are actually much more likely to get sued for various employment violations. With this in mind, even though many businesses want to cut costs and cut corners, they keep in mind that well-managed human resources are perhaps the best way for employers to protect themselves from the various pitfalls of the California employment laws. If you are an employer, you should make sure that you answer positively to the following questions: is the employee handbook updated? Do managers go along with the new discipline practices? Are you holding all of your employees to objective standards? Do you practices with the employees place you at a lesser risk of being sued as an employer? And finally, are you prepared to make the necessary changes to comply with any revisions and modifications that may have occurred in the labor law posters? Well, unless you have answered yes to all of the previous questions then there is a good reason to believe that unless you change something your business will undergo a lawsuit one day or another. And the fact that the country is in an economic recession is far from helping your case seeing as how it is has been proven that employment lawsuits during these times are much more common. There are various things you can do to reduce your risks of being sued for some kind of detail. The first thing you ought to do is to put into place rigorous record-keeping practices in order to make sure that every employee is fairly paid for their hours. Make sure that you have calculated all the hours correctly before distributing the pay to the employees, and especially make sure to take notice of any overtime work they may have done. While there is no guarantee that you will not be sued for either hours or pay-related violations, these simple steps will greatly reduce your chances and help you keep ahead of the curve with Californian labor law trends.

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