The IRS Can NEVER waive interest on late taxes

A client who owns a business recently claimed an R&D tax credit.  The IRS denied his use of the credit, he hired me, we went to Tax Court and ultimately settled on most of the issues with the IRS.  My client wound up owing much less than what the IRS originally asserted. That made my client happy.   What made my client unhappy was the fact that he was charged interest on the lower amount of taxes owed. “They’re charging interest for all this time!” he yelled. “I’m not paying this. I’m paying the tax, but I won’t pay the interest. They dragged out the issue!”  I explained that I couldn’t do anything about it, nor could any other tax attorney in the country. The IRS must charge interest in 99.99% of cases when a taxpayer owes back taxes.   The only time the IRS may stop the accrual of interest is when an “unreasonable” error or delay by an IRS has occurred and the taxpayer in no…

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