The Economy Can't Win for Losing!

Yeah, I'm a bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona. But that doesn't mean I like to read about the Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse! Unemployment figures are high, and keep getting higher, and the real numbers are far higher than the official numbers. You do know that they changed the way the unemployment figures are calculated so you won't get too scared, right? Inflation is going up; and once again, the official figures don't come close to detailing the reality of increases in gasoline prices and food prices. Coffee, for heaven's sake, has gone up by 77% over the past year! Bankruptcy Filings are up 13.8% in 2010 from 2009. And trustee's sales and mortgage foreclosures are on track for 1.4 million this year. Bear in mind that in a normal year, we would see a hundred thousand. Now, I like my job, because I get to help businesses and individuals survive insolvency (note that the process of bankruptcy of any kind is a big, fat, pain in the neck). But it's kinda like being a cancer specialist; yeah, it's good to be busy, but the amount of human suffering out there right now is excessive. I look forward to a recovery from this depression.

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