The Driver's License Restoration Process in Michigan – Part 1

The process of winning back a Michigan Driver's License after a Revocation for multiple DUI's is a succession of steps. Each step is not only important in its own right, but a deficiency at any point in this process stops a person from going forward, and leaves them stranded right where they had the problem. In the Driver's License Restoration section of this blog, I have covered just about every aspect of every step in the License Restoration process. In this article we'll take a step back and re-examine the process more as a whole, rather than by individual parts. At its simplest, the process starts by filing the Appeal, and ends with a decision by the Secretary of State's Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). If you think about some of the board games you might have played as a youngster, whatever the rules, the goal was to move from the starting space to the ending space. Getting there, however, was fraught with all kinds of challenges, including missed turns, or a spin or a roll that sent you backward, rather than forward. The License Appeal process can generally be thought of the same way. In order to even get in the game, a person must be eligible to file a License Appeal. This means one of two things: If a person lost their License for 2 DUI's within 7 years, then they will have to wait a full year before their eligible to Appeal. In practice, this means more like 2 years. If a person was Revoked for 3 DUI's within 10 years, then they have to wait at least 5 years before they can file an Appeal. While this sounds clear and simple enough, there are loads of things that can mess up the works. As a Driver's License Restoration Lawyer who now handles close to 100 License Appeals per year, I have seen just about every situation one could imagine, from the normal to the ultra bizarre. In the usual case, a person will tough out the period of mandatory Revocation and then be eligible to file the Appeal. However, things can go wrong and push that eligibility date farther into the future. These "things" can range from the Court not promptly or properly reporting the last conviction to the Secretary of State to a person's getting caught driving while the License is Revoked. Whatever the background, a person must wait until their eligibility date in order to file a License Appeal. Being legally eligible doesn't make a person "really" eligible, however. In order to be "really" eligible to start the Driver's License Restoration process, a person must also have made the commitment to get and stay Sober. Sobriety is a must. In other articles I have talked about Sobriety as a perquisite to a License Appeal. And while a person must truly be Sober, and committed to remain Sober in order to really be eligible to win back their License, the definition of Sobriety is much broader than some believe.

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