The 90 Day Waiting Period for Divorce in Connecticut

Clients often call me and say that they want a divorce and they want it fast. I explain that the State of Connecticut has a mandatory 90-day waiting period before a court can issue a decree of dissolution (divorce). They often argue and tell me they want the divorce faster. It's a simple divorce, after all. Can't I just tell the court to forget about the waiting period? Um, no I can't inform a judge that hey, my client wants this divorce yesterday so why not just pretend the statute doesn't require you to wait 90 days before issuing a decree. I'm sure the judge would hold me in contempt. Or maybe just laugh me out of the courtroom. I refer clients to the pertinent statutory section: Sec. 46b-67. (Formerly Sec. 46-44). Waiting period. Effect of decree. (a) Following the expiration of ninety days after the day on which a complaint for dissolution or legal separation is made returnable … the court may proceed on the complaint …. You'd be surprised how many people argue with me about the statute, as if I happened to have been sitting on the legislature when it was written. Sorry folks, I'm just a lowly lawyer who has to obey the statutes. I don't write them. If you want to obtain a divorce in Connecticut, you have to wait 90 days before a court can go forward on the complaint. Be patient! copyright 2011 Irene C. Olszewski ———— Disclaimer: The information, comments and links posted on the blog do not constitute legal advice. I will not respond to any specific legal questions in the comments section of this blog. Read my entire disclaimer.

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